Sky's The Limit

by Relentless Approach

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released January 18, 2013



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Relentless Approach Omaha, Nebraska

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Track Name: Kick in the Door
What does it take for you to make a change? Living your life without regard for anyone. One day at a time you slowly die. How does it feel? Fuck. You, you're at the point in your life where you better decide if you're going to be a part of the problem or on my side.
Track Name: What's Beef?
When did this become me versus you? I thought we were in this together. Have you forgot the things that I've done for you, only for you? At the same time, I'm glad you crossed that line. I'll shove down your throat the things that you boast because you're empty inside. Keep one eye over your shoulder, I'm in your mind. I'll take the high road and help you out, keep my name out of your mouth. You're completely rotten, not nearly as sweet as you used to be.
Track Name: Sky's the Limit
Keep pushing, as hard as you can. Gaining momentum with unrivaled ambition, never surrender. Onward and upward, always moving forward, we are the reason to believe. We cannot be stopped, we cannot cease. One foot in front of the other, onward to victory. We stand tall. We will reign supreme.
Track Name: Gimme the Loot
With every step forward I'm gaining strength. I quicken my step toward my grand vision. My approach is relentless, unrivaled, untouched. I can't imagine anything better. Step forward toward my grand vision.
Track Name: Everyday Struggle
I can't believe the shit I hear. Killing sprees and uncontrolled disease. And we think we are civilized. Garbage in, garbage out into a society that values celebrity over health. A culture that glorifies the cruel. Fuck this reality.